Kategorie KOLEKCE Element EARTH - silver bracelet gold plated, matte, champagne thread

Element EARTH - silver bracelet gold plated, matte, champagne thread

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Original silver, gold plated bracelet inspired by Vedic astrology, matte finishing on nylon thread.

This jewel is made of Sterling silver Ag 925/1000. Available sizes of maxium perimeter for comfort putting on: XS - 17cm, S - 19cm, M - 21cm, L - 23cm, XL - 24cm 

The EARTH element corresponds to the zodiac sign Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

This design jewel was designed for MOOYYY by Czech designer Natalie Vicenová within the Elements collection.

This minimalistic jewel by the Czech designer Natalie Vicenová is characterized by the gentle representation of the EARTH symbol as one of the four basic elements. The symbol is a modern interpretation of the ancient emblem for the fire as used in the Vedic period in ancient India. It is a decent design jewel suitable for everyday wear.



According to vedic learning, the celestial forms are pointers of the life journey. They help us understand the role of karma in a life of individual and they offer us ways how to divert or limit negative incidents. According to the position of the planets at the moment of birth, every person belongs to one of four elements. Natalie Vicenová has created Elements collection for MOOYYY, which is inspired by vedic philosophy and four symbols of elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air, which she later enriched with the fifth element Ether. The result is a design and minimalistic jewelry reflecting the principles of all living and nonliving parts of universe and conceals a mystical charge.

Anna Steinerová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Anna Steinerová  
A former student of K.O.V. on Prague’s VŠUP she attended a number of foreign internships where she brought a lot of experience she uses in her work. She expresses her thoughts and artistic view through a dainty, easy-shaped object, which works as a piece of art either worn on your body, or laying on a table desk.  For Rudra collection she was nominated on Designblok 2015 Award and won a visitor’s award for author’s project KAAWA on  Design Supermarket 2014. A single coffee bean could be transformed in a real piece of art under hers hands. Same as the sancted Rudraksha seed is the base for her Rudra collection designed for MOOYYY.


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