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Unique and design jewelery MOOYYY is handmade for you with love.


Handmade jewelery

At the beginning of our journey, we were inspired by yoga and natural materials to create jewelry based on 'yoga symbolism'. The MOOYYY Collection of Spiritual Jewelry was the first step on our journey. The second step, the SENSO, CHIA and RUDRA collection of leading Czech designers Lucie Koldová, Mirka Talavašková and Anna Steiner, is an extraordinary display of modern jewelery that goes beyond its decorative function. Timeless and minimalist jewels hide personal messages and represent an inner strength given not only by the quality of natural materials such as the seeds of the sacred tree Rudraksha, pearls or lava, but also by perceiving the key values and life philosophies of who wears the jewelery.

With the new collection of TASIA produced in Bali on the design of the jeweler Tasi Prataye, MOOYYY returns to his spiritual roots. The Indonesian MOOYYY collection is made of minerals from Kalimantan Island, Java Rudraksha and lava and river pearls of Lombok. All the materials used are of importance and give a positive message to those who wear the jewelery and fasten it on the chosen path. Every jewel is dedicated to one of life's desires, namely Beauty, Love, Youth, Eternity, Happiness and Inner Force. Mala necklaces, consisting of 108 beads and Chinese silk tassels, are blessed by the ritual Pasupati of the Hindu monastery in Bali Pura Besakih, also known as the Mother Temple.

Mooyyy jewelery is an exceptional belief in the spirituality of Eastern culture.

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