Daniel Pošta

Daniel Pošta studied architecture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, in Jiří Pelcl's studio. Pioneering methods, a conceptual approach and a sense of material characterize his work. His works and installations can be described as being on the edge of art and design. They have been presented at exhibitions and shows in Europe, Asia and America and have become part of public and private collections.

He entered the world of jewelry alongside Zdeněk Vacek as the founder of the avant-garde brand Zorya in 2011. Their creative symbiosis brought an immediate response - already in 2012, Zorya received the Grand Designer of the Year award, and 8 more prestigious awards have been added over the years. When Daniel and Zdeněk announced the end of the brand in 2019, it already had a legendary status on the domestic field and was celebrating success at the international level as well.

In the same year, Daniel took a break from public life and traveled to a number of exotic countries to gain new inspiration and creative energy. Since then, the design world has been eagerly awaiting his return, which comes together with MOOYYY and the Alfabeta collection.

Kristýna Malovaná

Alfabeta Collection


In the Alfabeta collection, Daniel Pošta works with a traditional jewelry theme, which is pendants with letters. However, the seemingly trivial topic takes the burden upon itself. How to process this, in the words of the author, a 'jewellery cliché', in an unusual, new way? With his Alphabet, Daniel Pošta pays tribute to minimalism when he creates design-clean, even technical objects with a deep personal meaning. He sensitively devotes the third dimension to jewelry and thus smoothly opens up space for the emotional dimension. With Alphabet, Daniel Pošta brings jewelry that will remind us of those who are dearest to us.

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Selected Alfabeta Products

Saturn Ring - stříbrný prsten

»A« Necklace

80 €
Jupiter Woman Ring - stříbrný prsten dámský

»N« Necklace

96 €
Neptune Woman Ring - stříbrný prsten dámský

»R« Necklace

80 €



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