Produkty náhrdelníky Champagne Muselet Necklace - Rose gold plated silver necklace

Muselet Necklace - Rose gold plated silver necklace

Manufacturer Champagne
Product code ZZ28
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Materialpink gold plated
Price € 116
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Product description

Rose gold plated silver necklace designed by Anna Marešová, Champagne collection. Muselet necklace is inspired by twisted wire, that holds the cork in the champagne bottle.

Hand made from Sterling silver Ag 925/1000

Available sizes: M, L

Muselet is a French word for wire cage, which serves to hold the Champagne cork in the bottle and is usually made from two twisted wires. Muselet neckalce is an unique, minimalist jewel for daily wearing. 

Notice for plated jewelry: plating is a temporary surface adjustment. Plating from the silver jewelry will disappear according to the way of use and friction rate, which the jewelry will be exposed to. The loss of plating is not a reason for complaint of any kind.


The inspiration for the design of the collection is champagne, as a symbol of the uniqueness of the moment. The Muselet product line is based on the wire cage of the same name, which holds the plug in a champagne bottle. The Bouchon product line works with the motif of the metal cap of the musette itself. Using typical elements of champagne, Anna Marešová transforms seemingly ordinary shapes into modern jewelry that will surprise you with fresh elegance.

Anna Marešová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Anna Marešová  
Czech designer. She graduated at Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Ústí nad Labem and the University of Derby. Anna Marešová is famous for her design of erotic aids, for which she received the prestigious international award RED DOT award 2016 and the Italian A 'Design Award. In 2018, she introduced the T3Coupé tram, for which it received the RED DOT award 2019 and the Designblok award for extraordinary work. Anna Marešová perceives design as a useful field in which she combines user simplicity with aesthetic processing


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