Produkty kolekce Kolekce ELEMENTS Element Ether Bracelet - gold plated silver bracelet

Element Ether Bracelet - gold plated silver bracelet

Manufacturer Elements
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Materialgold plated
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Product description

Design bracelet Hand made wrought from a single silver slab. The bracelet was designed for MOOYYY by Czech designer Natalie Vicen in her Elements collection.

The bracelet finish is gold plated, matt except for the glossy triangle at the top, Ag 925/1000.

Available sizes S (wrist circuit to 17.5 cm) and M (wrist circuit 18 cm to 23 cm). Due to its high flexibility and strength, the bracelet can be adapted to the wearer's wrist.

The Ether element is a building stone of universe. It is sky, it is space, separated from the mass, it permeates everything. It is a material of human soul. That is why it is endless, indivisible, immortal. The Element Ether jewelry represents gentle and genuine connection with the substance of universe.

The Ether Bracelet is a minimalist and design bracelet that catches attention with its unusual, indescribable shape. Thanks to its asymmetry, it can be worn in several ways. Because it is a hand wrought jewel, it is both flexible and firm, so it can be opened and closed without fear of damage.



According to vedic learning, the celestial forms are pointers of the life journey. They help us understand the role of karma in a life of individual and they offer us ways how to divert or limit negative incidents. According to the position of the planets at the moment of birth, every person belongs to one of four elements. Natalie Vicenová has created Elements collection for MOOYYY, which is inspired by vedic philosophy and four symbols of elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air, which she later enriched with the fifth element Ether. The result is a design and minimalistic jewelry reflecting the principles of all living and nonliving parts of universe and conceals a mystical charge.

Natalie Vicenová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Natalie Vicenová

Natalie Vicenová  
She was born in Prague, where she graduated from the Czech-French Jan Neruda Grammar School in Hellichova Street, majoring in Media and Communication Studies at Charles University and a graphic design course at the Scholastika College of Fine Arts. Currently she works as a graphic designer and designs jewelry for MOOYYY. Elements collection inspired by Vedic learning is the most successful MOOYYY collection so far. She finds inspiration for her designs in natural motives, architecture, fine arts, minimalism and Japanese culture, which is the main motive of her Origami jewelry collection from autumn 2018.


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