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Spiritual bracelet with nacre and gold plated silver dedicated to the desire for BEUTY. This elegant jewel is made of fine, hand cut nacre.


"True beauty is the light of the soul."


Ag 925/1000

This jewel from Tasia Collection is designed by balinese designer Tasia Prataya. It is manufactured on Bali, Indonesia from local nacre from pacific shells. Nacre gives positive message to the one who wears the jewelry and fixes her on the chosen path. Bracelet MOTHER OF PEARL is dedicated to desire for BEAUTY.

Tasia Prataya - KRÁTKÝ EN

Tasia Prataya

Tasia Prataya  
Born into a goldsmith's family in the province of Gianyar, she was initiated into the secrets of working with precious metals and stones since childhood. She graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar. Her work represents the harmony of traditional patterns, procedures and local materials in a modern concept. Tasia uses mainly local materials, so in her spiritual jewelry we often find Java rudraksha, river pearls from nearby Lombok Island or minerals from nearby Kalimantan Island. In accordance with Hindu traditions, her jewelry is ordained in the Pasupati ceremony.


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