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Large Snowy Sticks

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Sound of heartbeat in Khumbu’s icefall. Transparency of pure glass and a dream of invisible jewel. Snowstorm. Lost polar expedition in the Land of queen Maud. The air is cold and dry. Sanblasted matte glass, tender as a snow blanket. Hemingway’s memory of frozen  Daiquiri. Frost under seracs, dense as shards of cold glass, and chains, pliable as snow, melting in sharp sunlight. Ice cold breath.

Glass, as a characteristic material for Lucie Koldová, meets sterling silver in collection Frozen, as a traditional article of goldsmithing. Minimalistic form manifests itself inconspicuously and purely, however, it strongly arouses interest and emotions. Glass moves loosely around the elastic chain, devoting itself to woman’s body shape. This jewellery is characterized with manufactury precision and simple wearability. With Frozen collection, Lucie Koldová states exclusive jewel of futuristic design, which, with its icy translucent matteness and refined clarity transparency, elevates its wearer beyond her natural self.

Lucie Koldová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Lucie Koldová  
Successful Czech designer, who after graduation started to work in Paris studio for Arik Levy, is mostly known as a designer of furniture and lamps. For MOOYYY she created SENSO collection, which combines author's minimalism and elegance with spirituality of yoga. Lucie Koldová is a holder of several Czech Elle Decoration Award and a winner of Czech Grand Design 2012. She exhibited her art in Czech republic, France and Belgium. In 2017 Lucie Koldová became the first Czech designer, who presented her own version of prestigious Das Haus project at the IMM in Cologne. In 2018 she won the Designblok Award for "Chips" Chairs. In 2019 she was awarded by title "Designer of the year" by Czech Grand Design 2019.


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