Produkty kolekce Wedding Ring Infinity - woman pair ring

Wedding Ring Infinity - woman pair ring

Manufacturer Snubní prsteny
Product code INF1
Availability In stock
Materialsilver 925/1000
Price € 72
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Product description

Silver ring designed by Daniel Báča.

Hand made from Sterling silver Ag 925/1000, glossy finishing.

Available sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

Number eight is considered to be the most powerful number of all, expressing fate, balance and justice. In Japad eight is number of luck. Hence the number eight most reknowned as symbol of infinity. Infinity pair rings connet male and female principles. Each ring bears symbol of the other, but only when the are connected, they reveal their true essence.


Shall you decide to anywhere or in any way, your wedding rings will symbolize your shared life paths. Infinity wedding rings are true minimalist jewels that are each unique, however without their counterparts they are incomplete.

Daniel Báča - KRÁTKÝ EN

Daniel Báča  
Daniel Báča graduated from VOŠ for glassbolowers in Nový Bor and sice 2018 he studies in K. O. V. studio of UMPRUM university in Prague. Working with glass teached Daniel value of natural beauty and structure of material. He aims to design products without any unnecessary decor or complicated shape. He considers silver to be a beautiful metal, so you can only enjoy his products in pure, glossy and non-plated form.


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