Produkty náhrdelníky Manta Manta - silver necklace

Manta - silver necklace

Manufacturer Manta
Product code M11
Availability In stock
Materialsilver 925/1000
Price € 308
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Product description
Minimalist silver necklace from the Manta collection.
Manta Necklace was designed for MOOYYY by designer Blanka Róžová.
This piece of jewelry is handmade from Ag 925/1000 Sterling Silver.

The Manta Necklace is a handmade necklace from a single piece of silver. It is an extraordinary and distinctive design jewel with clean shapes. This open necklace can be gently, very slowly stretched and fastened so that it sits comfortably on the wearer's neck.


Majesty of grace, calmness of the ocean and silence of the deep. Harmony of waves and flowing in the current. The symmetry of nature. That is Manta collection by designer Blanka Róžová. Manta jewels capture the transience of the moment in a perfect balance of its shape that gracefully transports you from calmness to passion, so that after fulfilling its purpose, it spreads into all-embracing beauty. For the MOOYYY brand, the connection with Blanka Róžová represents a return to minimalist roots and the absolute purity of form of artistic expression. The richness of Manta collection brings both delicate and expressive jewelry pieces, based on the traditions of goldsmith's craft, in an irresistible modern interpretation, which seem to blend in with the wearer's body.

Blanka Róžová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Tasia Prataya

Blanka Róžová  
Designer Blanka Róžová graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Liberec under the guidance of the extravagant Czech design legend Bořek Šípek. Even during her studies, her interest in the relationship between space and design led her to internships in architectural studios. Currently, in hers BRS studio, she performs design of all scales. From architecture, interior design to product design. She was at the birth of the unique concept of 3D printed glasses, designed formidable sauna innovations and is an author of the futuristic showrooms of the MOOYYY brand, for which she also designed her first Manta jewelry collection in 2024.


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