Produkty kolekce Kolekce RUDRA DHI - Silver ring, Rudraksha structure

DHI - Silver ring, Rudraksha structure

Manufacturer Rudra
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Materialsilver 925/1000
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Product description

DHI - Silver ring with theme of Rudraksha seeds, to put on finger from the back

As 925/1000

Size: 4 cm. Available sizes: 50, 53, 56, 59

Handmade ring with silver motive of Rudraksha seeds, DHI in Sanskrit means WISDOM

The sacred wooden seed of Rudraksha is called the tear of the god Shiva. According to legend, Shiva made a sacrifice for mankind and therefore he began to cry. Rudraksha grew up in places where his tears fell. Rudraksha carries positive energy. Design ring DHÍ presents the structure of Rudraksha seed in silver form.


The Rudra collection is inspired by a seed called Rudraksha. The collection perfectly captures the characteristics of an evergreen tree seed called Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus). It's seed emanates positive energy and the jewel underlines its natural beauty. It rejuvenates, brightens mind of its bearer and increases power of intuition. Rudraksha merges with your unique self, recharges your life with its energy. The author Anna Steinerová was nominated for the Designblok 2015 award in the jewelery category for the Rudra collection.

Anna Steinerová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Anna Steinerová  
A graduate of K.O.V. at the Prague Academy of Arts, she participated in several international internships, using the gained experience in her work. Anna Steiner’s jewelery is characterized by unique ideas and quality workmanship. She expresses her creative ideas through a small, simple shape of an object, which fuctions as a work of art while being worn as an accessories or just laying on a table. It can not be overlooked. The holder of a Design Supermarket’s Visitors award for the authorship project KAAWA. A coffee bean in her hands turns into a real work of art. So does the sacred Rudraksha seed, which is the basic element of her collection Rudra for MOOYYY.


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