Produkty kolekce Kolekce SENSO WAI RING Y - open gold ring, 14 carats

WAI RING Y - open gold ring, 14 carats

Manufacturer Senso
Product code S900
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Materialgold 585/1000
Price € 388
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Product description

Original gold ring, glossy, ended with one Y.


Au 585/1000


Handmade design ring for all yoga lovers and not only for them according to the design of Lucie Koldová.

This design jewelry symbolizes natural branching, but it is also possible to find the symbolism of the male and female principles.



Senso means sense. Senso is expressing a jewelry with deeper meaning. Collection inspired by natural motiv of smooth branching, mirroring and hidden symbolism, is made of noble metals with a soft detail of Rudraksha seed. Natural structured seed containing energy is contrasting with a cold metal. Fluid smoothness and purity gives the jewelry bright, balanced expression, which supports stability and peace.

Lucie Koldová - KRÁTKÝ EN

Lucie Koldová  
Successful Czech designer, who after graduation started to work in Paris studio for Arik Levy, is mostly known as a designer of furniture and lamps. For MOOYYY she created SENSO collection, which combines author's minimalism and elegance with spirituality of yoga. Lucie Koldová is a holder of several Czech Elle Decoration Award and a winner of Czech Grand Design 2012. She exhibited her art in Czech republic, France and Belgium. In 2017 Lucie Koldová became the first Czech designer, who presented her own version of prestigious Das Haus project at the IMM in Cologne. In 2018 she won the Designblok Award for "Chips" Chairs. In 2019 she was awarded by title "Designer of the year" by Czech Grand Design 2019.


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